Ngonye Falls Tourism Impact Assessment

Published : 11/2019

The Tourism Impact Assessment (TIA) report evaluates the potential effects of a proposed hydro-power project at Ngonye Falls, Sioma, Western Province, Zambia. Conducted by Graham Muller Associates CC, the TIA aims to understand and minimize any adverse impacts on local tourism while suggesting mitigation measures.

It begins with an overview of the project and socio-economic profile of Western Province. The report outlines objectives, scope, methodology, and findings, including stakeholder consultations. Mitigation measures cover noise and dust reduction during construction, preservation of Ngonye Falls’ visual appeal, and maintaining river flow for fish habitat.

Positive impacts include enhanced tourism infrastructure and extended sport fishing seasons. The report concludes with a monitoring plan and recommendations for managing and mitigating impacts, offering a thorough analysis of the project’s effects on local tourism.