Development Status and Progress

Project Status

All of the required technical and environmental surveys and studies have been completed.

The technical and financial feasibility of the project has been proven.

Following the improvement in investor sentiment and the macro economic situation following the election of the New Dawn Government potential financiers are ready to engage with the project.

Remaining Project Development Milestones

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Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

A comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to IFC standards was approved by ZEMA, the Zambian regulatory authority in April 2021.

Components of the EISA include:

  • Environmental & Social Impact Statement
  • Biodiversity including terrestrial and aquatic ecology
  • Social Impact
  • Heritage and Tourism Impact
  • Health Impact
  • Landscape & Visual Impact
  • Environmental Flow Requirements (EFRs)
  • Upstream Impact Assessment
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment & GHGs
  • Resettlement Policy Framework
  • Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Technical and Economic Feasibility Study

The Project Feasibility Study was completed in 2018.

It includes all the technical surveys and studies completed for the project, sets out a detailed reference design of the power station together with forecasts for the power output.

Components of the Feasibility Study include:

  • Hydrology and topography
  • Results of geotechnical studies
  • Power station design
  • Power and energy forecasts
  • Seismic risk
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Transmission line