Our Community Participation

The communities of the Western Province of Zambia will hold a non-dilutable share of 6% of the equity of the project in recognition of the value of the land and water resources they are providing.

The project will also pay a fixed community development payment of 500,000 US dollars each year once the power station is operational.

The community development funds will be administered by two trusts, one for projects across the Western Province and one for the immediate area that hosts the project.

The trusts are being established to have the highest standards of governance and transparency using lessons learned from similar trusts in Zambia and reginally.

The types of community led projects that may be supported by the trusts include:

  • Education
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Healthcare

Stakeholder Engagement

Since 2012, Western Power has actively engaged with stakeholders, including various levels of the Zambian Government, traditional leaders in the Western Province, local community representatives, tourism stakeholders, and residents of Sioma and Senanga districts.

Establishing a strong rapport with the local community has been a priority, facilitated by regular meetings, updates, grievance redressal, and project-related activities through our dedicated Community Liaison Team and Committee.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Western Power is active in a development-focused Corporate Social Responsibility program.

These relatively modest projects and initiatives can have significant social impact and ensure continued local community engagement.

Our achievements thus far include:

  • Expanding Mbuyu Community School with two additional teachers’ houses to accommodate grades 5-7,
  • Furnishing desks,
  • Supporting sports activities for boys and girls with footballs and volleyballs,
  • Providing bicycles, mobile phones, and solar chargers to aid community engagement,
  • And enhancing water and sanitation facilities at Mbuyu Community School.